Handy Burp'ems

Are you tired of you and your infant being covered in spit up during feeding time?!? 


Handy Burp'ems solves that problem! This one of a kind design covers your hand while providing ease of feeding. 


All handmade by moms and longer than most burp cloths, it has a covering for your hand and a pocket to catch spit up. It keeps you and baby clean from wearing any of the mess and saves you from any unnecessary laundry! 


 For every order placed, ten percent of all proceeds will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Handy Burp'ems wants to be a part of the amazing love and generosity that comes from St. Jude. What they do for children and their families is nothing short of pure love and we would be honored to be a part of that. With your orders, we all can be. As always, thank you for your support. 

The ULTIMATE spit up protector is perfect for all new parents, caregivers, hospitals and nurseries everywhere! Finally, a better way to burp!

Please click the link directly below to check out our spotlight video. It demonstrates how to use, while showing you the benefits of using Handy Burp'ems! We are so very proud of it!



Handy-Burp'ems Begins

Have you ever thought to yourself, while feeding and burping your baby, "There must be a better burp cloth out there?!" Well, here it is!!

Hi, I'm Sheila. I invented Handy Burp'ems™ after my firstborn son Tyler suffered from terrible reflux. At that time, I also discovered I had an unknown allergy to a preservative found in most of his toiletries. The allergy left me with huge underskin blisters that caused excruciating pain when washing my hands due to being covered in spit up.

I felt like a mom failure. I was unable to feed my child correctly without spit up everywhere and me in tears from the pain when I had to wash my hands.

Other burp cloths just didn't cut it. I had to do something to solve the problem I was having and help other moms so they wouldn't have to go through the same problem.  I remember saying to myself, in tears, that I needed to make something to protect my hands from spit up. So, I taught myself how to sew and invented the perfect burp cloth to protect your hands, long enough to keep the mess at bay and the laundry at a minimum.

I continued to use these with my other two children, Brody and Laney, and they were the perfect protector for spit up!

Handy Burp'ems™ is such a unique and personal gift for yourself or a mom-to-be! They can be customized by choosing your own fabric and then personalizing it.

Handy Burp'ems™ are individually made by moms in the USA from 100% snuggle flannel, so soft and smooth against you and your baby's skin. 

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Don't see the fabric you were imagining? Contact us and let's work together to create your personal product.

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