Handy Burp'ems
Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! I would definitely recommend Handy Burp'ems because they are just that Handy!!! They are so easy to use when you need both hands on baby. You can either just slide the burp cloth right over your hand while you're burping baby on your lap or throw over your shoulder. The fabric is beautiful, soft on baby's skin and most importantly it washes well. They are definitely one of a kind burp cloths!! I used them with all 4 of my children and they were a Godsend with my twins when I needed both hands! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!
Tricia D.
Although I've never personally used this product, I have purchased about 15 as gifts. The women for whom they were purchased for were thrilled with them and most actually went on to order more. It's a great product that does exactly what it's designed to do. I highly recommend them!
Lisa V.
New baby/shower gifts can be really hard sometimes. When I was a new mom I loved nothing more than gift cards to buy what I needed. Registries were always ridiculous. But then what do I pair with that certificate? Certainly I want to give more than just a card, and of course an item that is practical makes it even better. Knowing you are supporting a #bossmom? Well, that takes the cake! And here is where Handy Burp'ems fit the bill. And have become my go-to for my gifting needs! Purchasing from Sheila was a breeze. Her patterns are beautiful and fit many themes. She is even willing to go out of her way to find you a particular pattern/team/theme etc to fit your needs. While I have never personally used the Burp'ems, all the mothers I have gifted to love them! They are well made, easily washable, and really a completely practical item! No more puke on your work clothes! I highly recommend this product as a perfect addition to your shower/new baby gift! Looking forward to ordering more!
Jeaneane P.
I have found that traditional burp cloths are hard to hang onto while trying to wrangle a squirmy baby. I received a few Handy Burp'ems as a gift and use them every day. I can't believe no one thought of this design sooner!!! Thank you!!!
Andrea B.

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