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CUSTOM EMBROIDERY (+$6.00):  Up to 10 letters can be embroidered on your Handy Burp'ems™.  Please allow an extra 3-5 business days for processing if embroidery is selected. You can select both the font and thread color. Handy Burp'ems are all handmade with love.


Minky Dot BACKING (+$2.00):  Our standard Handy Burp'ems™ are made with absorbent and thick PREMIUM 100% cotton terry cloth fabric and are great at soaking up the mess, but you'll also fall head over heels in love with Minky Dot fabric on the back of your Handy Burp'ems™, as a custom option. Minky Dot is a luxurious, silky-soft, and comfy fleece fabric that resembles real mink. It has a short pile and is as soft as cashmere. If you select minky dot, we will color-coordinate it to match.

Woodland Fox